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DIY Improvements
How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Your Remodeling Project

We call those guys “predators…”…said the receptionist at my HVAC contractor. Our AC unit broke down in our third floor condo as we were renovating (and living in it) with several 90+ degree days in the forecast.  Our usual contractor was booked solid and recommended we use someone else to fix it. The quote? $11,536.17.  They

The Best Cruise Lines for Families

You don’t have to be a kid to delight in a Disney cruise—it has ocean-view spas, Broadway-caliber shows, and restaurants named after animated characters but staffed…

The Best Hikes in America

As famed writer Wallace Stegner once said, America’s national parks are “the best idea we ever had.” And with warmer weather approaching, now’s the time to…

Beauty & Fitness
Eyebrows Microbladed

My natural eyebrows are sparse, short and practically non-existent. I’ve spent the majority of my twenties experimenting with different ways to fill them and with each…

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